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Success message upon clicking card buttons with message_back ActionType

Recently we have started observing a 'green' Success message upon executing a Card action of type 'messageBack' on Teams. See screenshot attached. Looks like this is a new feature released for Adaptive Card, however we observe this happens also for messageBack action on Thumbnail / Hero cards as well. Could you please check this? Is there a way to avoid this message?

I do not see this happening with MS Teams mobile apps or with web version.

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See screenshot attached.

It seems that you forget to attach the image. To know your question clearly, please feel free to upload it again.

As we are mainly responsible for general questions of Microsoft Teams, adaptive card is more related to development. I will add office-teams-app-dev tag for the thread. Someone checking this tag will offer more assistance. Thanks for your understanding.

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Screenshot attached.

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Also, I would like to highlight, we are NOT using Adaptive Card. We are using Thumbnail Card with 'messageBack' action type. We see the same message even in this case, although the feature is advertised as relevant for Adaptive Card. Additionally we don't see this behavior in Teams Web version OR in Teams mobile apps. So, there is an inconsistency in the behavior as well.

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