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Intune configuration profile restrict all URLs except one

I configure & deploy the KIOSK profile, Alos added 5 URLs in the KIOSK profile, which are should be allowed (open) in the edge browser. while testing the only one URL is working also as well ( is not listed in allowing URLs).
how we can restrict all the URLs except only few?

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@Vijay-3828, From your description, I know we have added 5 URLs in the kiosk profile to allow access. But only one is allowed to access. Also which is not in allowed list is also able to access. If there's any misunderstanding ,please let us know.

To clarify our issue, please collect the following information to us:
1. Could you let us know which platform we are testing, windows or Android or iOS?
2. Could you get a screen shot of the configuration we set for the allowed URL list?

Please collect the above information and if there's any question, feel free to let us know.

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@Vijay-3828, Hope things are going well. I am writing to see if there's any opportunity to collect the above information to us. If there's any question, feel free to let us know.

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