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generate sensors placement map failed

Hi there,

I created a farm and launched a sensor placement map job. According to the documentation, this job normally takes 8 to 24 hours, but in my case it has taken much longer and it didn't finish yet. It seems that this job creates a get_farm_imagery job which shows a Pending retry status after being running for over 24 hours.
Any help with the situation will be appreciated.


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@TarekGuesmi-0723 Which documentation are you following and where exactly you have seen that it takes 8-24 hours for job completion?
Do you have complete error message/logs which you can share here for further help?

Please ensure that you meet the following prerequisites before you attempt to generate a Sensor Placement map:

  • The farm size must be more than one acre.

  • The number of cloud-free Sentinel scenes must be more than six for the selected date range.

  • At least six cloud-free Sentinel scenes must have a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) greater than or equal to 0.3.

Also, note that Sentinel allows only two concurrent threads per user. As a result, jobs get queued and might take longer to complete.

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Hi Ashok,
In the FarmBeats web application it's mentioned that the sensor map creation takes from 18 to 24 hours, it appears just after one clicks on generate precision map.

The operation status kept changing from Running and Pending for retry and I didn't get any error log
The farm size was more than acre.

The number cloud-free sentinel is kind of unclear to me, I didn't see something related to it in the documentation. I have just created a free account on the as indicated in the installation tutorial and I entered the credentials at the time of FarmBeats creation. Did I miss anything?
The pont related to the vegetation index is similarly not very clear, could you please point out any related documentation.



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Hello Tarek.

I am having similar issues and I trying to resolve it as well (see my post here

The "number of cloud-free Sentinel scenes" point is found in the FarmBeats user manual at page 74 in Generate maps section under the Sensor Placement Map subsection (it can also be found here I am not sure, but I believe the NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) images are required for the sensor placement map generation so that FarmBeats can estimate where would be the best place to deploy the sensor

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