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I need help in removing the private ip

Hello guys im trying setup my game open beta period and unfortunately I can't make it work because thr ip adress problem the server files won't read thr public ip and if i set it up for the private ip it work but no one will be able to open the game or connect to it i already tried firewall disable and adding thr ports and adding it in thr network rules to all the ports and its still the same i want to remove thr private ip adress and just allow the public one

Any help?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Alexander-6571, Thank you for reaching out. As per my understanding of the question, you have a game hosted on a Virtual Machine running on Azure. The VM has a Private IP and a Public IP associated with it. The game is not working properly as it has communication issues because of its Private IP and you want to remove it. Please correct me if my understanding is not correct.

If my understanding is correct. A VM communicates using a Network Interface (NIC) and as per the documentation, a network interface must always have at least one private IPv4 address assigned to it. So deleting the only private IP address associated with your primary NIC is not possible.

I think to troubleshoot the issue we will need to debug the internet connectivity of the VM, You can follow this guideline to troubleshoot this issue.

If this does not help. It will be helpful if you could provide additional information on your setup Like a Network Diagram, How the public IP is associated with the VM, How many NICs are associated with the VM, NSG rules set-up, and Operating System Routes if possible.

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Well to be honst I'm not expert dealing with the portal but as i understand it the problem is when i try to use the public ip adress the game files will giv eme this error (Unhandled Exception: the requested address is not valid in its context)
And if i set it up with the private ip address then i can't connect to the game from any other pc but the vps only i tried an method here

And now i lost connection to the vps and i thibk this guy have the same problem as me which is in this post

So i dont know if that will help you understand my problem

And thanks in advance

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Hello @Alexander-6571, Thank you for providing additional details. The exception provided generally occurs when the server is binding to a wrong IP/Socket. Have you assigned a static Public IP to your VM? In Azure Virtual Machines the outbound connectivity to internet can be granted by assigning a static Public IP to it, if there is no specific public IP assigned the outbound connectivity is established by the Default Outbound Access IP. This is a dynamic IP assigned by Azure that you cannot control. I also came across this documentation which describes about Basic Game Server Hosting on Azure where they have created a static Public IP. Hope it helps.

Given the complexity of this issue and to troubleshoot the exact issue I think we will need specialized 1:1 session, where a support engineer can have a screen share session to pin point the issue. If you have a support plan you may file a support ticket, else could you please send an email to with the below details.

Subject : Attn Chaitanya
Thread URL: Link to this thread.
Subscription ID

Please let me know once you have done the same.

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