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Bing Maps breaks left click until right click is registered


We are currently using the Bing v8 javascript library in our application.

There is an issue in chromium based browsers that is causing all left clicks to not register. We are able to reproduce this by panning the map and using the side back button on a mouse. We can replicate within our application and on The only thing that fixes the issue is right click back on the bing map, doing so reeanbles the ability to left click again.

Below is a video that illustrates the issue in our application and on bing's own map site.

This issue does not happen in Firefox but happens in Chrome and in Edge.

Let me know if you need anymore information.

Thank you.

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@RobertBroccoli-7950 thank you so much for the level of detail provided while reporting this issue. I am calling the attention of the Product Team to this thread and will get back to you soon!

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Fyi I can as well reproduce this by clicking the "nextPage" button I have on my mouse.

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Hi Robert,
Do you have this issue with other third party controls? Is this potentially due to a Chromium bug?

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Not that we have found.

Our application has some non-bing elements like left hand hand panel and the header that you can see in the video. When the bug is active and we cannot left click anywhere, the only way we can get the left clicks to register again, is to right click onto the bing map, right clicking anywhere else outside of what is being render by the bing.js does not revert the issue. Which leads me to be believe its something isolated to the Bing map itself in a Chromium browser.

We tried a Google maps public website and could not replicate it in a Chromium or Firefox browser. Just another data point, not saying that Google and Bing maps are comparable/built the same way.

Let me know if I can provide anything that could be helpful.

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I actually don't have a "Side Back Button" on my mouse. Is there a way to reproduce it without that unique hardware? Do you know what event it triggers in your setup? I believe those can be remapped.

Also, is this new behavior that worked before or is it something you just noticed?

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