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Xamarin webview is leaking huge memory.

I need to pass large string to update the html continuously. I am using the below mentioned line to send the data from C# to JavaScript.

Webview.Eval($"javascript: processPatientDataMessage('{jsonData}')");

I am monitoring the memory from windows task manager and Diagnostic Tool window in Visual Studio 2019.

Can anyone help me to fix the problem. Its urgent.

Thanks in advance.

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It seems the issue is not related to SCCM, so I removed tag mem-cm-general and added tag dotnet-xamarinforms.

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Do you find the huge memory leak when application debugging? Please check if you enabling XAML Hot Reload, if enabled please close it then monitor it again.

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Yes I can see huge memory leak when the application is in debugging. XAML Hot Reload is disabled. Still I can see the memory leak.

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When you custom renderer for your webview, did you release it(in the Dispose method, call ((HybridWebView)Element).Cleanup(); ) like this thread:

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