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FSLogix: FRX.exe import local profile to container error: Error reading ProfileImagePath: 0x00000002

Old 2008 RDS, no roaming profiles
New farm 2019, 2x RDSH, 1x RDB, FSLogix Profile and O365 container

A way to import the 30 old profiles on the 2008 to the conainers

As I cannot install FSlogix on the old 2008 RDSH I tried:
Copied User folder to new RDSH c:\users\userA, User never logged in there yet. and ran following FRX command

PS C:\ezNetworking\CopyProfile> & 'C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\frx.exe' copy-profile -filename Profile_UserA.vhdx -username DOMAIN\UserA -dynamic 1 -verbose
User "DOMAIN\UserA" SID is "S-1-5-21-2xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-3620"
Volume Label: DOMAIN\userA
Session count: 4
Found user:
Found user: ezadmin
Found user: eztest01
Found user:
VHD not found. Creating...
Create success. Attaching...
Attach success. Getting physical path...
Get physical path success. Opening device...
Open device success. Initializing disk...
Initialize disk success. Getting volume name...

Formatting volume: \\?\Volume{d8a25274-c2d8-4b68-838d-cbcd98b00a34}\
Format success
GetSecurityDescriptor success
GetDACL success
Set security success
Copying profile for user S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-3620 to volume \\?\Volume{d8a25274-c2d8-4b68-838d-cbcd98b00a34}\
Looking for Profile Path in registry
Error reading ProfileImagePath: 0x00000002
Error copying profile (0x00000002): The system cannot find the file specified.
Detach VHD success

It seems FRX can find the folder, is able to link it to the correct SID, Correctly assumes it is a news user, creates a VHDX, is able to import the user data in to it, but then cannot find the PROFILEIMAGEPATH.
In registry the path is there and it is already used by other users who succesfully have containers on that share

Same command but added the path
frx.exe copy-profile -filename Profile_USERA.vhdx -username DOMAIN\USERA-dynamic 1 -verbose -profile-path \\SRV05\ProfileCon$

Profile Path was specified
CopyProfileToVolume SID: S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-3620 Volume: \\?\Volume{6fb4f867-266f-409f-a055-296ff426b9d1}\ profileImagePath: \\SRV05\ProfileCon$
Exporting registry information
Export Profile registry data error: 0x00000001
Error copying profile (0x00000001): Incorrect function.

Detach VHD success

So even when providing the path it fails.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Maybe FRX.exe looks not only for the patch but also for the ProfileList in registry...
Maybe it does not work because the user has never loggid in there yet and does not show in the regsitry's ProfileList and I need to add the user to the exclude profile list first, so the user can login on a normal way and have a local profile, then copy over the profile from 2008 and do FRX again?
But then again, it did say
Copying profile for user S-1-5-21-2021124372-468337044-2442523200-3620 to volume \\?\Volume{6fb4f867-266f-409f-a055-296ff426b9d1}\
so it does seem to find my copied user profile no?

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To copy local profile to vhd use frx.exe Copy Profile to VHD

From the Host Session server there is the frx.exe =>>> "C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\frx.exe".

With user logged in , (It must be logged in ) do :

the command is: frx copy-profile -filename=<VHD file for folder to be copied to> -username=<username for profile>

So do it:

C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\frx.exe" copy-profile -filename \\yourprofileserver\profileshare\%username%-profile.vhdx -username domain\username -dynamic 1 -verbose

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