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Clickonce application does not work, does not give errors.

Hello there,

vs2019 - .Net 4.8 - AnyCPU - WinForms - I am publishing the application I developed and its connected components with Clickonce without a "Trusted Publisher" certificate.

The operating system I am installing is Windows10 x64 and I do not get any errors here, but the application does not start. When you start the application from the folder where it is installed, there is no problem. But "application refence" doesn't start from desktop shortcut and doesn't give any warning. I have enabled logging, there is no error in logging.

This application was previously in vs2013 -.Net 3.5 - x86 configuration, and Windows10 x64 started without problems. Thinking that the problem may be in the configuration, I have tried making some changes. For example, I tried x86-x64 target platforms and .Net 3.5 - 4.0 - 4.7.2 frameworks, but the result is the same, the application does not start.

I can run the application with application reference, that is, with the desktop shortcut, as follows. When I check the real exe file in the folder where the program is installed with the Compatibility assistant, Windows8 recommends it, and when I test and save these settings, the problem disappears. With this information, I edited the operating system information compatible with app.manifest, but that doesn't work. What could be the problem, thanks in advance for your help.

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@MustafaSARIUSTA-6401, I am afraid it is a problem related to the security problem. The question ClickOnce application does not start from from desktop shortcut is similar to your question, you could have a look.

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