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Azure Image Builder - How to use json files and create from powershell?

I am using Azure Image Builder (preview) agent from DevOps and I am finding it aweful to manage and get the image customised correctly but I like it how it puts the image (right or wrong customised) in the SIG.
Is there a way to run the whole process from cli powershell?
I am looking at the Azure Imagebuilder GitHub and I see it is a pull from Dan's GitHub.
I can see many scripts but I don't know how to apply them, how to modify them to my needs.
For example I need to download the latest W10 EVD image and customise with fxlogix reg keys, apps, configure start menu layout etc. Some work fine from AIB agent some are a nightmare. Is this better if I run the process from CLI? if so how?
Anyone can help me with this?
Thanks, M


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