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Is it possible to manage Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager for a client organization?

Hi, I am looking to see if it is possible to use or manage Microsoft 365 Compliance manager for a client or clients of ours?


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@JakeDwares-7493 Thanks for posting in our Q&A. For this issue, it is not related to windows 365.

For Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager, I'm not familiar with it. With the limitation resource, it seems that there is no information about managing Microsoft 365 Compliance manager for clients.

If you are only interested in defining compliance of devices in the organization, could you please consider Microsoft intune?

Based on my experience, we can configure device compliance policies in intune. It will define the rules and settings that users and devices must meet to be compliant. Please refer to the following article:

Hope it will give you some idea.

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Hi LuDaiMSFT-0289, thanks, but we are looking for a way to use Compliance Manager for our clients. Normally, if we were to manage any 365 product for a client, we would need domain admin rights or at least an admin account in 365. Is there a way to leverage Compliance manager for clients?

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@JakeDwares-7493 Thanks for your update.

Honestly, I'm not familiar with Compliance manager. So, there is no idea I can share with you. Please don't worry. The Q&A is an open platform. Let's wait for someone who has any idea.

Or could you please try to contact Global Customer Service phone numbers to find some help? Here is the link:

Hope everything goes well with you.

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