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Authenticating using Managed Identity inside Batch Task

I am having trouble getting Batch tasks to authenticate to Azure Table Storage so they can write the results of their computation directly to a table. Specifically, I use DefaultAzureCredential to attempt to authenticate using a Managed Identity, and it fails with the following message:

ManagedIdentityCredential.get_token failed: ManagedIdentityCredential authentication unavailable. The requested identity has not been assigned to this resource.

The call to DefaultAzureCredential() is running inside a Docker container.

Here's what I've done:

  • In the Azure portal, I manually created a user-defined Managed Identity to be used by all nodes in a Batch pool. It shares a subscription with the Batch pool, but is in a different Resource Group.

  • I granted "Storage Table Data Contributor" role to this identity, so that code authenticated as it may write to the Table. (but the code never gets this far)

  • When creating the Batch pool, I set this Managed Identity on the pool, with the same settings shown here. I can verify that this identity is shown on the pool configuration in the portal.

  • I launch a job in this pool. Tasks are created with auto-user specification, I'm not sure if this makes a difference.

In the portal I see that launched tasks have a configuration: "User Identity = Task default user (Admin)"

The task fails when the code running in its container gets to DefaultAzureCredential() with the error shown above.

Some specific doubts I have:

  • Is the identity I've set on the pool also the same one that its tasks run under?

  • Does Managed Identity work from inside Docker?

  • How would I go about debugging this?

I know support for Managed Identity is still in beta for a lot of products, and I'm ok using the beta.

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