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Files are deleted from some users when decompressed in C# code.

It is currently decompressing within the code.
When decompressed on some users' PCs, non-constant files disappear.
I was wondering if the problem of disappearing the file was Windows Defender's problem,
so I sent files such as Malware inspection and PUA inspection to Microsoft and received an answer that there was no problem.
After checking the window defender log and event log, I confirmed that it was not a security problem.
It is suspected that the frequency of occurrence after window update is high...
Should I make it read-only?

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@chanmin-2772, what do you mean about the non-constant files? Can you give an example? If you decompress the zip file directly without the code, do you also meet the problem?

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Nope... It decompression in direct is intact.
And most users dosen't have any problem.
Some Users....


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Maybe your code has some issue with non-constant files, which are not always reproduced.

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