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Windowse server 2016 black screen, checked event viewer shown error ID 7011& 10010

1 of our windows server use to publish to customer via Parallels service.
In 1 day recently, our customer started got disconnection around afternoon from the server and we got black screen when try to login
After reboot all got normally.

Checking event log it shown 2 different error right the problem happen (error 7011 related CPUserSvc & error 10010 related DCOM)
CDPUserSvc happen problem first then around 3 mins server get many DCOM error.

We want to know if this 2 error related? like 1 error will cause another error then finally cause the black screen?
If not, can you suggest any solution for fix this problem?
Because I can't find related problem at internet.

Thanks for your help.
Please find attached image for reference.


error-dcom.jpg (131.3 KiB)
error-cdpusersvc.jpg (132.4 KiB)
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