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What will replace KMS activation that's not available on Microsoft CSP and with Open Licence Program discountinued in 2022?


I saw that Microsoft will end the Open Licence program from the VLSC portal in 2022.

Moving to CSP is not a problem but for instance there's no way to get/create a KMS key from the CSP protal (event upon request).

Citrix does not support MAK activation, what would be the solution for on-prem Windows Servers XenApp activations if KMS is not more available on CSP portal?

Thank you very much for your feedback.


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Sorry for the delay. Your question is not supported by Microsoft Q&A. The Partner-Center-General tag only handles questions about publishing apps to the Microsoft Store. For your scenario, I'd suggest you contact Microsoft Support via phone. You could check the support phone number here: Global Customer Service phone numbers. Another way is to consult your Microsoft Licensing Solution Advisor/Reseller which is mentioned here: Licensing Solution and Program Licensing Advice

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