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Add Custom Network Location in Windows 10 via GPO

I need some helping adding a custom network location via GPO. This is for Sharepoint and Windows 10. I can click on map network drive, then select connect to a website and go through the network location wizard and put in the URL of my sharepoint document library and it works just fine and shows up in my document library in explorer.
What I am trying to do is automate this process for my end users. I DO NOT want mapped drives, no lettered drives, just a custom network location. I have seen a few things on here on how to possibly do it. Either I get a GPO error like this
"The user 'StateWide Share2' preference item in the 'IT Windows 10 Policy {41CE3155-0531-4F8E-8349-282C30B61D9C}' Group Policy Object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x80070002 The system cannot find the file specified.' This error was suppressed."
or I don't get any error at all but nothing shows up in my windows explorer. I have tried the target path in many different ways, with https, without, forward slash, back slash, I have added authforwardserverlist reg entries, and still nothing. Not sure if this is a windows 10 issue. Does anyone have any insight on how to do this? Thanks!

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