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Annoying popup every time I open a Word document

I have Office 2019 build 2109 installed and I have saved some Word documents on my personal OneDrive storage and every time I open one of them, a pop up comes up saying that others are editing this document and whether I would like to automatically share my changes.


I know I can never let this message show up again after clicking "Don't ask me again" but I don't know why this comes up in the first place since I'm not sharing any of my documents with others. When clicking on the Share button in the right top corner, I can see my own name in the appearing column stating that I'm editing the document.

Is this a normal thing when someone opens his/her own documents that are saved in a cloud? How do I fix this issue?

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According to your description, I have some questions:
- Do you open these documents across devices?
- How did you open these Word documents? Such as via double-clicking local files, opening files from OneDrive online, or others.
- Please go to Word client > File > Account > User Information, is the account that you login the same as the account that for your personal OneDrive?

Besides, could you please take a screenshot after click Share button like following image?

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Thanks a lot for your reply,

  • I open just one document file on my phone through OneDrive as well, but the pop-up appears for all documents stored on my OneDrive. Perhaps entering OneDrive on another device in the first place makes Office think I'm sharing all the documents on it even though I haven't opened them on other devices?

  • I open the documents through the "Recent" list when right-clicking on the Word application itself or I just double-click on the document in the OneDrive explorer folder on Windows. In both cases the pop-up appears.

  • It's the same account as my OneDrive account yes.

Here's a screenshot of the Sharing column (it's in Dutch), it only shows my name (no one else's) in the list and that I'm editing the document.


I have a question: In the Share column that you showed, if you set the option "Automatically share changes" to "Ask" and then open a private document on your OneDrive through 2 different devices, does the pop-up appear in your case?

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No one who could help me with this?

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