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Challenges getting first Outlook Web Add-in to run

I am trying to get my first Outlook Web add-in to work. So I:

  • Followed the instructions at "Tutorial: Build a message compose Outlook add-in"

  • Per those instructions, I used the Yeoman generator to create an Office Add-in Task Pane project for Outlook. I followed the instructions to the "Test the generated add-in". So only the manifest had been changed. A very simple add-in at this point.

  • Tried npm start from the command line.

    npm start

    office-addin-taskpane-js@0.0.1 start C:\Users\Lindsay\OutlookTestAddin2\OutlookTestAddin2
    office-addin-debugging start manifest.xml

    Debugging is being started...
    App type: desktop
    Enabled debugging for add-in a35130ed-92ee-4a47-a5e2-4588da510b2e.
    Starting the dev server... (webpack serve --mode development)
    The dev server is running on port 3000. Process id: 14044
    Sideloading the Office Add-in...
    Debugging started.

  • At this point, I can view the welcome page in a browser at the URL https://localhost:3000/taskpane.html.

  • Outlook is started with as a result of npm start. There is no "Show Taskpane" button to be found anywhere in Access.

  • Navigated to to follow instructions for "Sideload manually". This PC has Outlook 2016, so went to that section.

  • It says to select the "Get Add-ins" button, but this button is greyed out.

  • Checked File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Privacy Options > Privacy Settings and looked for “Enable optional connected experiences” as noted in and several other pages. “Enable optional connected experiences” does not exist in my Outlook installation. "Turn on all connected experiences" does exist and is enabled.

  • Looked at other alternatives for sideloading problems. Found says "It turns that under settings you may need to turn on which "actions" are available in your read/compose pane." I am not finding exactly to which "settings" this refers.

  • Tried the same on a different PC with Office The results were essentially the same: No "Show Taskpane" button and the "Get Add-ins" button is greyed out. In this case, “Enable optional connected experiences” exists and is checked.

What am I missing here?
Thanks in advance...

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Hi LTWert-6055,

Welcome to post in Microsoft Q&A!

Then please understand that the “office-outlook-itpro” tag mainly focus on general issues about the Outlook desktop clients. Since from your description, your query is about developing the Outlook Web add-in, which does not pertain to the specification of “office-outlook-itpro”, so I’ll update your thread to remove this tag.

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