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Cannot Find Old Web Jobs but They Are Still Running

I previously set up Web Jobs within my Azure App Service by uploading a Powershell script to call a particular end point every so often.

I understand Web Jobs have long since been deprecated, but the job appears to still be running on its previously specified schedule. However, I cannot find any jobs in my Azure Portal indicating they are active.

I would like to migrate these jobs to an Azure Function, but I'd like to figure out how to stop the old jobs as I don't want them to run twice.

I can see a Job Scheduler Collection, but it contains no jobs and simply displays the message, "Azure Logic Apps is replacing Azure Scheduler, which is retired.To continue working with the jobs that you set up in Scheduler, please migrate to Azure Logic Apps as soon as possible."

How can I find the old Web Jobs so I can stop and migrate them to an Azure Function (or logic app)?

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Thanks for asking question! If you want find old WebJob logs for Azure web app then you need to set the default value with WEBJOBS_HISTORY_SIZE in Application Settings As it only returns 50 results because that is all it saves by default.

Check this link:

further for stopping azure web job you can go to your Web App's Kudu Console. From there, click on the Process Explorer tab. Find the relevant WebJob process in the list, right click it and choose Kill. see here.

let us know.

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