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Function apps -I have 3 java based functions apps while deploying the function apps one is overwritten another - using github actions pipeline

I have 3 function apps A,B,C Whenever I am deploying code in function app A it gets deployed in A,B and C. similarly if I try to deploy code in function app B it gets deployed in app A,C as well. how can I debug this issue. I am using GITHUB Actions pipeline (Run Azure function action) for deployment.

using single asp p1v3

github action deploy steps


 needs: [build]
 runs-on: ubuntu-latest
   name: dev
   AZURE_FUNCTIONAPP_NAME: 'xxxxxx-uw-fa-d'

   POM_FUNCTIONAPP_NAME: 'xxx-xxx-xx-xxx'
 #  JAVA_VERSION: '1.8'
   #SLOT_NAME: 'green'
 - uses: actions/checkout@v2
 - name: 'Get asset'
   uses: dsaltares/fetch-gh-release-asset@master
     repo: "MGMResorts/xxx-xxx-xx-xxxx"
     #version: "tags/v2"
     file: ${
     target: ""
     token: ${
                 { secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
 - name: 'unzip'  
   uses: montudor/action-zip@v1
     args: unzip -qq -d lastfunczip
 - name: Azure Login
   uses: Azure/login@v1
     creds: ${
                 { secrets.AZ_CREDS2 }}
 - name: 'Run Azure Functions Action'
   uses: Azure/functions-action@v1
   id: fa
     app-name: ${
                 { env.AZURE_FUNCTIONAPP_NAME }}
     #slot-name: ${
                 { env.SLOT_NAME }}
     package: './lastfunczip/target/azure-functions/${
                 { env.POM_FUNCTIONAPP_NAME }}'
    # publish-profile: ${
                 { steps.publishprofile.outputs.profile }}
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Just trying to make sure I understand the scenario correctly since you only posted one config file. Are you trying to deploy from three different repos a->a, b->b, c -> c, or are you using a single repo and trying to deploy to three different apps at different times?

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