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Authenticator app is not giving notification


I got an email id from my organization like I have an Android device(phone). Please have a look on the below problems I am facing while using authenticator app on my phone.

  1. When I try to add account in the Authenticator App then I got a message as "Approve sign in request" "Open your Microsoft Authenticator app and approve to sign in." whereas I inside app I am getting this message to approve for app log in. How it is possible?.

  2. When I try to login the same account for outlook or ms team using browser or app on my laptop I was able to logged without any notification on the app and I don't see any QR code to scan even.

  3. I am facing this issue of notification when I try to access Azure Dev Opps for my organization only. I am able to logged in to the outlook or team using browser or app without any notification on authenticator.

  4. The most important issue is I am not able to add my company account to the authenticator app which is one of the biggest problem I am having.

Please help me to sort out this issue as soon as possible so that I can continue my work.


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