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Resolve ambiguous names by using EWS

I have a question about "Resolve ambiguous names by using EWS :"
I have a list of usernames ",," and I'm searching username by <keysearch>
but I encountered the following cases :
- when I input "r" the results return all usernames
- when I input "#" the result is ""
- when i input "-r" it returns an error is "ErrorNameResolutionNoResults"
- finally when I input number "2" it returns only "" and without ""

this is my code :
<ResolveNames xmlns="" xmlns:t="" ReturnFullContactData="true"> <UnresolvedEntry>keysearch</UnresolvedEntry> </ResolveNames>

So I have some questions :
- The searching will depend on which part of the username? the first character, or match with <keysearch>
- Is there any way to unify the search, such as searching based on the first character of the username?

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