Purview feature proposal - enrichment of resource set assets with more information - sizes, createTime, lastAccessTime, potentially costs

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I would like to suggest a feature in Azure Purview.

I have seen the enrichment of resource set assets with more information (total size, partition counts etc.) is in the roadmap stated as Oct-2021. This is really useful for the customers to know. I would suggest to take this feature a little bit further:

  • Add also createdTime and lastAccessTime, intended to extend the intelligent labelling to detect "old"/"legacy"/"infrequent", that could help customer to keep up the data retention policies, to save resources, costs and be aware of sustainability.
  • Auto pop-up the est. costs (e.g. potential storage costs for certain size of data asset) if such data services could be migrated to Azure platform, meaning if Purview is scanning either on-prem data storage or other vendors (e.g. AWS, Google)
  • Auto pop-up the actual costs (storage + computing) happened inside Azure if such data service is deployed on Azure
  • Ideally, the size information could be downloaded and compatible to be uploaded to calculating services cost tools as well.

Hope this makes sense and the feature description is clear itself. Please contact me if you need more explanation from me.

Best regards,
Zhixian Bao

Microsoft Purview
Microsoft Purview
A Microsoft data governance service that helps manage and govern on-premises, multicloud, and software-as-a-service data. Previously known as Azure Purview.
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  1. PRADEEPCHEEKATLA-MSFT 53,356 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Zhixian Bao ,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A platform.

    Thank you for sharing the feedback [Purview feature proposal - enrichment of resource set assets with more information - sizes, createTime, lastAccessTime, potentially costs]. We appreciate it. We will share and elevate your feedback with the Azure Purview product team.

    Meanwhile, I would request you to provide the feedback here:

    Feedback portal - Azure Purview

    All of the feedback you share in these forums will be monitored and reviewed by the Microsoft engineering teams responsible for building Azure.

    Hope this will help. Please let us know if any further queries.


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