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Mouse deselects active window, wont respond until ctrl alt del #2

Same ancient problem. The original thread from 2009 has been closed without a solution. Let's put one final end to this. Is there any fix by now, 12 years after?

In short: my mouse is fully operative, but, from time to time, anything that is not the active window at the time, would not respond to mouse clicks, including the Windows shell (e.g. taskbar, titlebar, etc). Only Ctrl-Alt-Delete would solve that temporarily, until the next appearance (I could not find any answer why this temporarily solves the problem either).

I have tried every single solution suggested online including switching to a new mouse (this time without any side buttons, to be on the safe side). The problem persists.

  • Windows 10 (Enterprise, 64-bit, fully updated)

  • Keyboard: Logitech K780 (over Logitech Unifying Receiver 1)

  • Mice tested: Asus WT465 mouse (Dongle Receiver 2); Logitech B170 (Logitech Unifying Receiver 3—as the first does not support the device)

  • Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B460-I

  • Intel Core i3 10320

Possible clues:

  • I require two receivers working simultaneously (i.e. one for the keyboard, another for the mouse). Over to Device Manager, each receiver adds one 'HID Keyboard Device' and one 'HID-compliant mouse'. Adding the third dongle adds another pair. I have uninstalled the inactive ones, to stay with one mouse and one keyboard, but upon a refresh, the corresponding drivers re-add them. Both drivers are updated to their latest versions.

  • I made sure to uninstall any previous mouse from Unifying Receiver 1 (using the Logitech Unifying Software app) so it is only associated with a keyboard.

  • The problem started after moving to another country. I was trying to connect the PC to a Samsung TV at the new location but it could not support the HDMI input ("mode not supported"). I ended up buying a new monitor (LG 34WK95U-W) with which I work now. The 5K2K monitor is connected to the motherboard via DisplayPort (Intel UHD Graphics 630). It displays at 30 Hz.

  • The dongles were first connected to the back of the monitor USB hub, and later (when I suspected that it might be causing the issue) directly to the motherboard. Same behavior occurs.

Thanks for the help.

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