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MABR Upgrade from v2 to v3 failed with ID:4387

Hi, I try to upgrade MABR from v2 to v3 but it failed with the below error. " An unexpected error occurred during the installation. For more details, check the DPM Setup error logs. ID:4387 " ![145649-error-sbc.jpg][1] [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/145649-error-sbc.jpg

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anonymous user Per error message it seems SQL Server installation failed. Review the SQL Server installation log file for failures, and then take the appropriate action.

Please perform below steps:·

· Upgrade SQL reporting services

· Upgrade SQL server version.

· Take Reporting database backup.

· Remove existing reporting database.

· Reinstall SQL reporting service.

· Reconfigure reporting services.

· Tried to install MABS again. If it fails,

· Reinstall SQL server management studio.
Doc for your reference:,share%20using%20Explorer%20from%20any%20Windows...%20More%20

If you are not comfortable performing above steps, recommend you to reach out to Azure technical support team by raising a support request. Let us know if there are any challenges in contacting Azure technical support team.

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