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Render using Range.InsertFile

Hi Team,

I am using below code to insert an html file into a word document. After saving and opening the doc its showing some junk characters for some specific texts. Please see the screenshots of temp3_htm and temp_docx .

string htmlFile = @"C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Temp_3.htm";
para1.Range.InsertFile(htmlFile, System.Type.Missing, System.Type.Missing, System.Type.Missing, false);

//Save the document
object filename = @"C:\Users\admin\Desktop\temp.docx";
document.SaveAs2(ref filename);

I am seeing this issue with names start with "EN -" ("E N -") or starts with a Japanese characters.(eg. "テスト" . )
Could you please check this?




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As tag “office-word-itpro“ is more related to general issue of Word client, but your issue focuses more on general issue of VBA code.
To better help you, I would modify the tag.
Thanks for your understanding.

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Did you observe the issue if you perform these operations (insert, save, close, open) manually in Word?

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