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The program I deployed with gpo cannot be installed


I want to distribute a software that I wrote at my workplace with gpo. but I am getting an error like "The promoted application may be insecure and will not install. Contact your administrator to fundamentally change the install UI option of the package". Could it be because I wrote the program myself or do I need to make a setting from the gpo? I will be glad if you help


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Is it wrapped in MSI installer? You cannot deploy non-MSI packaged with GPO

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I'm already distributing the package as MSI.The problem seems to be in the installation, not the distribution.I think it is a policy that needs to be opened from the GPO. Do you have any knowledge about this topic

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You may need to update your installer to use only Basic UI. In your MSI builder there should be a setting like this (this one is from Advanced Installer):

In addition, this is worth checking as well:

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