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PSWA gateway: not able to run commands on other servers from the target computer

I have installed and configured PSWA on Windows 2019 server named srv01. I can login to the srv01 as target computer and run scripts and commands on the same server. But when I try to run commands on another server srv02 from srv01 it says 'access denied'. I have admin access on both the servers. I can run commands on srv02 from srv01 when I login to the server directly but it doesn't work through the PSWA . As per the information available in the security event log of srv02 when I am trying to access srv02 from srv01 through PSWA my credentials are not passed to srv02 instead the log entry shows an anonymous login from srv01.
How can I fix this? My requirement is to have pswa on just one server with the authorization rule from which I should be able to manage all my other servers.


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