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How can monitoring a ExpressRoute with NPM if We are a Service Provider?

How can monitoring a ExpressRoute with NPM if We are a Service Provider?, We give connectivity to azure cloud with expressroute to our customers, I want to know, if we can to monitoring the customer's expressroute with NPM , or only the customer can do this?

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Hello @EmmanuelZaragozaCastro-9825, Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the delayed response here. As per the documentation NPM for Express route has been deprecated and now it is recommended to use new Connection Monitor in Azure Network Watcher. In "Connection Monitor" monitoring agents are installed on multiple servers, both on-premises and in Azure. The agents communicate with each other by sending TCP handshake packets. You need to create a workspace in the subscription that has the VNets link to the ExpressRoute circuit. Please go through this documentation for additional details which will help you decide.

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