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Issues about Azure Machine Learning Studio

I used the churn hotel prediction model available in the Azure AI platform, the run worked well but when I deploy the model to predict new data I got this error

Error Message: Edit Metadata : Error 0001: Column with name or index "RoomType-Large" not found
Site Path: /subscriptions/8d1139f0-a7bc-4570-bee1-96cdc6cc3ebe/resourceGroups/CIAD_rg/providers/Microsoft.MachineLearning/webServices/HotelChurnPredic.2021.
Activity ID: 82e53138-b3b9-4a94-8695-0b8152c505ac
Request ID: 60e1fa59-3e40-4c6e-a572-ec0db880c60e
Workspace ID: 1b056c4b2e4049019cfaa7c025124ed7
Subscription ID: 8d1139f0-a7bc-4570-bee1-96cdc6cc3ebe
Workspace Type: PaidStandard
User Role: Owner
Tenant ID: d55854d3-e3d2-49fa-a866-89c3f2165d95

The link for the model:

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@NassimSaddiki-9077 The experiment from the gallery seems like a one published by a user for a prediction experiment. I could not really import the data to start the run of this experiment. Did you use another training experiment and then use this prediction experiment?

Either way, the error message seems valid. One of the edit metadata module seems to be referencing a column "RoomType-Large" that is not available in the upstream connecting module. Please re-check the logic or remove this column name from edit metadata module properties and try to run the experiment again. Thanks.

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@romungi-MSFT I upload data localy in the dataset and it run very well but in the prediction web service i ve got this issue about the column RoomType-Large
This is my link for the model

Best regards

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@NassimSaddiki-9077 Unfortunately, the experiment data in your subscription and workspace cannot be reviewed by other users who do not have access to the same. I would recommend to review the prediction experiment and remove this column name in edit metadata and then try again. Thanks.

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