C++ sqlite3_open_v2 function fails to open DB file when DB path has special char(ø) in it

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Neelesh Kalani 26 Reputation points

I am trying to open a SQLite DB connection using sqlite3_open_v2 function but it fails to open the connection when DB file path has special char(ø) in it. Say something like "C:\MySøLiteDb.sqlite". Everything works fine if DB path doesn't have a special char(ø) in it.

It works with sqlite3_open16 method but then I have to change the DB encoding to UTF-16 otherwise it doesn't return any tables back.

How can I open a SQLite DB connection with sqlite3_open_v2 method when DB file path has special char in it such as ø?

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    David Lowndes 4,231 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    The API does say that the parameter should be UTF-8, so converting to that would be the obvious thing to try.
    Under Windows, the underlying API to use is WideCharToMultiByte, but depending on your source, there are several different wrappers you can use, such as AtlUnicodeToUTF8; more discussion here.

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