Issue with wifi authentication using certificate in Windows 11

Zack Sullivan 1 Reputation point

I am having an issue getting connected to our company wifi from a computer running Windows 11. The certificate-based authentication has been working fine for everything else for a long time, but one specific user account refuses to work on any computers of a specific type (new model we are rolling out to a lot of users). Every other user works as expected on this new model with the same image. Other users can log in to the same computers that this user has logged into and they don't experience the issue that he does. I have logged this user in on three examples of this model of computer (Lenovo T15) and he experiences the same issue on every one, but not on other models running Windows 11.
When trying to connect to the wifi, we just get "Can't connect to this network". Checking in the event log, I see an entry for "Explicit EAP Failure. Authentication failed due to a problem with the user account". Error is 0x40420110. All of the certs appear to be correct and should just be exact copies of the certs for all the other users. No extra group policies appear to be applying only to this user to cause the issue. I'm at a loss for what the issue could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Zack Sullivan 1 Reputation point

    After checking the logs on the Radius server, it says it does connect. So it seems as if the radius server is authenticating the connecting using the certificate, but the client computer then fails to acknowledge this or isn't given the confirmation?

  2. amaxels 1 Reputation point

    Don't suppose you ever got to the bottom of this? I've been seeing similar behaviour on some Win11 cients (including those that were working on Win10 then ugraded)