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macOS, Remote Desktop, and two monitors

I use Remote Desktop on macOS, PC, and iPad to access a remote machine - which client I use depends on location.

I am frustrated because I keep having to rearrange windows to get the experience I want... is there a way that:
- when connecting from the Mac or the PC I can tell the client s/w that if I have two monitors available (laptop and external) the the external should be the primary screen on the remote machine, but if I log in from the iPad or a device without external monitor is reverts to just using the single screen
- if I log in on a single screen device it gathers windows, but when I log in from a dual screen scenario it returns windows that were on screen #2 to their desired place?

I've played around with writing a powershell script to move things around without much success and DisplayFusion etc seem like overkill

this can't be something I'm alone in wanting!

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