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Character limit issues when converting Forms Excel to a Word document

Hello and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
I'm using Office 365 for online teaching in a public college and Forms provides a useful tool, allowing students to both get immediate feedback as well as to structure longer-term projects around peer surveys.
When I convert an Excel worksheet from Forms to Word using Mailings Wizard, Forms imposes a character limit on the top line that contains the prompts/questions. It also limits items on rows below the first on the Excel when I directly use the Wizard to convert a worksheet to a .docx. However, I can save the Excel as a DOS .txt file to which I then apply the Wizard to generate a Word document.
No work-around is possible with the first line because Forms cuts off the text in the worksheet, leaving an ellipsis [...] so there’s no fix for the first line. Is there a way that questions longer than the limit can be saved to a document?

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