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Video Unavailable when Auto-detect multi language is selected - Azure Video Indexer

Video Indexer throws error and abruptly fails indexing with error message "Video Unavailable" if Auto-detect multi language is selected, also tried indexing same media in .wav .m4a and mp4


trace id provided by azure indexer is: Trial---35960599bb---d2de38e4-c24b-4885-bb23-f5ea8b8fb8c0

any help is highly appreciated

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Hi @ShakeelIbrahim-0849

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. When did you start noticing this issue? Can you please send us a sample video file so we can try to repro this on our end.

You can email us at : with the subject ATTN: Grace including a sample video file and a link to this thread.


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@Grmacjon-MSFT I'm afraid I can't share the sample due to obvious reasons, I tried reproducing this issue with different sources and it's not reproducible for any except the mentioned source, could you perhaps look into it using the trace id (Trial---35960599bb---d2de38e4-c24b-4885-bb23-f5ea8b8fb8c0) provided by azure indexer

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