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Got missed call on Teams client When calling from PABX to MSTeams via AudiocodesSBC.

Got missed call immediatly on Teams client and can't pickup When calling from PABX to MSTeams via AudiocodesSBC.Please see flow as following,
PABX-->SIPServer--->AudiocodesSBC---->MSTeams. Team client not see incomming call after PABX hang up it show missed call on Team client instead.

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Hi @NATTY-6124

Does this problem affect all Teams users in your organization?


In this call flow, are there any error messages in your environment?

According to your information, it is difficult to make sure where is this problem happened, so could you check if you have the following licenses assigned in Microsoft 365 or Office 365:

Microsoft Phone System.
Microsoft Teams + Skype for Business Plan 2, if included in licensing.
Microsoft Audio Conferencing.

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Just checking in to see if above information was helpful. If you have any further updates on this issue, please feel free to post back.

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