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ADFS: need help creating new claim rule set by using a text file

I am looking to create a new claim rule set by using a text file.

How will the file be formatted?

Here are the two rules:

PersonImmutableID (foreign system) = objectGUID (from active directory)
Name ID (foreign system) = displayName (from active directory)


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What do you mean by "using a text file". You want to use PowerShell to import the rules? Or you needs the custom rule language output to import then in the GUI?

Also, what Name ID format do you need (unspecified, email, UPN etc...). You mention the value but not the format (the format is arbiraty and required by the foreign system, so they could ask for email even if what you send as a value is the displayName.

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Thanks for the reply, Yes I was wanting to use powershell to import the rules. I ended up using the GUI to do it, effortless.

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