Memory Efficient Livelog

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Dear community,

I am looking for memory efficient solution to implement livelog GUI.

Logs are parsed data between server and clients and LiveLog implementation is on server side.

Since server can communicate with 16 clients at the same time and I need to consider 'memory efficiency of LiveLog' for each client.
I would rather focus memory efficiency than performance.

I am using below development tools.
.Net Framework 4.5

While I am researching 'TextBlock, TextBox' to handle text, I ran into below Q&A in forum.

Can someone advise me what is right approach to implement memory efficient LiveLog on 16 tabs at the same time using C# , WPF solution?

Windows Presentation Foundation
Windows Presentation Foundation
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  1. Waite, Jooyoun 96 Reputation points

    Hello Hui

    To keep performance of LiveLog, your suggestion works for me.
    I tried to use TextBox but it didn't work for LiveLog in terms of performance.
    Thank you

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  1. Waite, Jooyoun 96 Reputation points

    I decided to refer first link. It performs better with our code. I will close the case.
    Thank you for your help. I really appreciate your response.

  2. Waite, Jooyoun 96 Reputation points

    Thank you, Yes, It's read-only. Let me try your reference of TextBox

  3. Waite, Jooyoun 96 Reputation points

    Hi Hui,

    Thank you for your response.
    Let me test the provided solution and get back to you.

    Thank you