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Regarding SharePoint On Premise Search Result

Hi there,

I ran into a wired search results issue. I create a new site collection (http://hostname:port number) and use the AAM (; Intranet zone - ADFS) for mapping to the default zone - NTLM (http://hostname:port number). Default zone is my content sources and we will do a crawl on it.

Every user will access the Intranet zone and search documents on it. today we found something wrong:

  1. We connect to Intranet zone - Success

  2. We search the document - Success - we got the results. The URL should be but all the URL of search result is http://hostname:port number.

does anyone have any idea on it. ??


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Hi @SHUOH-8693 ,

Long time no see, how are you?

Generally speaking, the Search Service Application will only crawl "Default Zone". Therefore, the search results can only get the default url (http://hostname:port number), but not the Intranet url (

If you want to get Intranet url (, please do the following:

Note: In my test, default url is http://sp13 and intarnet url is http://sp13:8080


1.Go to the SharePoint Central Administration as an admin

2.Application Management >> Manage service applications


3.On the Manage Service Applications page, click Search Service Application


4.On the Search Administration page, click Content Source in the left navigation bar


5.On the Manage Content Sources page, edit the Content Source that your selected.


6.On the Edit Content Source page, add the Intranet url ( to the Start Addresses list.


7.This Content Source run Full Crawl again.


Echo Du
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Hi @EchoDu-MSFT,

I am good and busy. :) Let me try it out ar and give you updates on it. I always trust you could help me solve out my problem.

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Hi @SHUOH-8693 ,

Thanks for your reply.

I am looking forward to your good news.

Have a nice day!

Echo Du

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Hi @EchoDu-MSFT,

I have a several questions:

  1. do we need to reset index?

  2. our engineer custom a webpart(spfx) by using rest search api (item.ServerRedirectedEmbedURL.value.)

I follow up the above instruction to complete the settings, unfortunately, there are two types URL in my result page:

  1. http://xxxxxx:prot number (Wrong)

  2. (Correct)

so does @EchoDu-MSFT have any ideas on it.


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another thing is integration(the sharepoint integrate with oos). so i found the search result if the document was found then its URL will be http://hostname/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc={GUID}&action=interactivepreview.

it should be "{GUID}&action=interactivepreview"

do you have any suggestions?


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Hi @SHUOH-8693 ,

1.Not need to reset index

2.Regarding api issues, I suggest that you can open a "Office-SharePoint-server-development" post to get more professional help.

Echo Du

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