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A couple of years ago we created a SendGrid account through the Azure marketplace. I thought this account was linked to our subscription and not to someone personally. However, lately when we try to login to SendGrid using the Azure account, we get a request to set up 2FA. It says it has sent an email for setup, not to me but to a colleague (who has also been using the shared account). This colleague followed the 2FA steps, but got stuck at some point when Twilio SendGrid requires admin permission to continue. I made her owner of the SendGrid resource on Azure but the error remains the same. With my own Azure permissions, I would probably be allowed to continue, but I cannot try because the 2FA emails don't get sent to me.

On the short term I need access to my SendGrid logs and on the longer term I just need to be able to log in and edit stuff on SendGrid. Simplest solution but extremely time intensive is just to start from scratch with a new account (definitely not through Azure anymore) and set everything up again.

Our Azure support is only basic level so the form doesn't give me enough options to directly ask them for support. Any ideas how to fix?

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