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Credential Manager\Web Credentials back up

I have recently backup my credentials via credential manager, however up[on restoring them it has not restored the web credentials.

Does Credential manager backup web credentials or just Windows credentials?

Where are credentials stored locally, i.e. can they be found in app data or program/system files?

Also Credentials stored in Edge have not been restored either which are backed up to the cloud? are they also stored in app data?

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Hi @PeterBaker-5837

You say Credentials stored in Edge have not been restored either, do you mean Edge credentials stored in credential manager not been restored or Edge credentials stored in Edge browser not been restored?

If the latter one, it will be a totally different question not related with Windows Credential manager. In this situation, I suggest that you open a new thread for it so that you can get better help from specific experts. Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi @YukiSun-MSFT

I appreciate the response. In this case its edge credentials stored in credential manager that have not been restored as well as credentials stored in edge, I understand that thats a separate issue.

If you can answer the other questions regarding credential manager, that wold be amazing

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Hi @PeterBaker-5837

From your description, I can see that your main issue is related with credential manager. I'm not familiar with credential manager. We can wait for other community members to see if they have any solutions.

About the Edge part, please sign in profile with your account and turn on sync so that the passwords stored in that profile can be synced. Then you'll see saved passwords under edge://settings/passwords if you login Edge profile with your account:


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