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Trouble saving Azure MFA registration policy

I’m attempting to roll out a pilot for MFA via the Azure MFA registration policy. However, when I attempt to change the Assignments from All user to a custom user group I’ve created, I get an error that it cannot save the policy.

I have tested the policy to include a security group with just my regular user account as a member, as well as including my user account directly (instead of the group), and I’m unable to save the MFA registration policy in both instances. My user account has an MS365 E5 license and I’ve confirmed all the AAD P2 features are turned on for the account.

I can’t get the policy to save when targeting any other users with the E5 and AAD P2 features either.

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Can you check if you have the "Users can use the combined security information registration experience" selected ?
It is located under Azure Active Directory --> User settings --> User features (Manage user feature settings)

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