how to using std::format for numerics?

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I'm translating code from .NET.
Can I format wstring for multiple parameters at once?
I am trying to format rgb color base long color:

const wstring s = std::format(to_wstring(colorVal % 256), L"00") + L", " +
std::format(to_wstring((colorVal / 256) % 256), L"00") + L", " +
std::format(to_wstring(colorVal / 65536), L"00");

However the code seems to be quite slow, can you point me to a better approach?

Thank you!

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    Igor Tandetnik 1,096 Reputation points

    You are probably looking for something like std::format(L"{}, {}, {}", colorVal % 256, (colorVal / 256) % 256, colorVal / 65536)

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