'Get-AzDataFactoryV2Trigger' is not recognized as a name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or executable program

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I am using below task for stopping the trigger condition in azure datafactory . Can you please suggest what is wrong in below task

  • task: AzurePowerShell@5
    displayName: 'Inline Azure Powershell'
    azureSubscription: ${{ parameters.ServiceConnection}}
    ScriptType: 'InlineScript'
    azurePowerShellVersion: 'LatestVersion'
    PreferredAzurePowerShellVersion: '2.3.2'
    $triggersADF = Get-AzDataFactoryV2Trigger -DataFactoryName "${{ parameters.DataFactory }}" -ResourceGroupName "${{ parameters.ResourceGroup}}"
    $triggersADF | ForEach-Object { Stop-AzDataFactoryV2Trigger -ResourceGroupName "${{ parameters.ResourceGroup }}" -DataFactoryName "${{ parameters.DataFactory}}" -Name $_.name -Force }

Error - 'Get-AzDataFactoryV2Trigger' is not recognized as a name of a cmdlet, function,

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    any updates on this issue?

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