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Unable to run Bitlocker on fixed drive converted to external drive

I have a dead Windows 10 system where I have removed two bitlocker encrypted drives. I have hooked these drives into enclosures so that I can plug them in as external drives to a functional system. When connected, no dialog box appears to unlock the drive with bitlocker and I have been unable to determine any way to get bitlocker to recognize it and begin the recovery process.

I have recovery keys for both drives.

When opening the disk management tool, it shows the normal system drives and the external drives. However, the recovered drives show

Disk 1
Not Initialized

When opening the disk management tool I am given the dialogue "You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it" But I am fairly certain this will format the drive and remove all hope of data recovery. If I look in the file explorer, I see only the main C drive for this system, no other devices/drives are displayed. If I attempt to use commands in powershell or cmd all of them seem to require a drive letter.

Again, I have the recovery keys for these drives, but bitlocker is not giving any indication that it recognizes these drives as locked.

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Some enclosures have these problems.
Connect them using SATA, without an enclosure, or try these enclosures on a different system.

And yes, initializing would destroy.

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