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HoloLens (1st gen) Sharing 240: Multiple HoloLens devices

Hi, I'm currently trying to get both of my 1st Gen hololens to view the same holographs, using the steps given by this website ( However, I received about 17 errors from visual studio on the "HologramPlacement" script, causing an unsuccessful deployment of the Avatars from Step4-Discovery step. A screenshot of the errors from Visual147477-hololens-hologramplacement-errors.png studio is attached here.

This is supposed to be just copy and paste so I'm not too sure how to debug it.

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How did you open the script? Open from File Explorer or Unity? Could you try to click the Play button in Unity to check if any error is thrown out? And could provide the version number of Unity and VS you are using? We always recommend the Unity LTS version for this HL1 project.

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Hi, I used file explorer go to the "scripts" folder, open "HololensPlacement.cs" using Microsoft visual studio 2017, copying and replacing the codes as the website mentioned. I then save and close the Microsoft visual studio 2017. I do the exact same thing for all the previous scripts and I never had errors before this step 4- discovery hololensplacement step. I am aware that I did change the "HololensPlacement.cs" script once too on step-3 shared coordinate. I am assuming I am deleting what I did in that script from step-3 shared coordinates and pasting the new "HololensPlacement.cs" from step 4- discovery script.

I did try clicking the play button in Unity but it because of the errors it wouldn't proceed. The error message is "All compiler errors have to be fixed before you can enter playmode!" 147905-capture7.png

I am using Unity 2017.4.4Of1 and Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.9.40. I am using these two version is because these are the only version that will run on the "SharedHologram" folder that I downloaded at the beginning of the website I posted above.

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capture7.png (172.5 KiB)

According to the error message from Unity, it seems like there are duplicate scripts in your project. Please search the keyword "HologramPlacement" to check if there are duplicate scripts.
By the way, it is recommended to set Visual Studio as the external editor for Unity, and then double-clicking a script from the Unity editor will automatically launch or switch to Visual Studio and open the chosen script.

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