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Error 0x800704b0 returned by WdfUsbTargetDeviceCreateWithParameters in UMDF v2 USB sample driver


I'm looking at developing a UMDF v2 driver for a USB device. To get started I followed the tutorial at the link below, "How to write your first USB client driver", which uses the UMDF v2 USB driver template from Visual Studio.

I'm able to build a driver with this method. But when starting it, I see "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" in Device Manager.

Activating WPP tracing, I see that the call to WdfUsbTargetDeviceCreateWithParameters fails with error 0x800704b0

How can I get more information about this error code to know what the cause might be?



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How are you installing the driver on the device? If you are using "devcon install [...]" you are not using the appropriate command line, this creates a virtual device. Instead, if you are using devcon, use devcon update [...]

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