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Citrix VDI Tags

Is there any configuration or setting we can use in Citrix studio to add tags at the time of provisioning the azure VM resources?

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@SukantVirkud-5917 , thank you for your question.

Per this section,

The image can inherit the following configurations from the selected machine profile:

Accelerated networking
- Boot diagnostics
- Host disk caching (relating to OS and MCSIO disks)
- Machine size (unless otherwise specified)
- Tags placed on the VM


On the Machine Catalogs node, select the catalog to view its details in the lower pane. Then, click the Template Properties tab to view machine profile properties. The Tags section displays up to three tags. To view all tags placed on the VM, click View all.

Additional Information:

According to this article,

A well-defined naming scheme identifies the system, role, environment, instance count, and location of an Azure resource. Naming can be enforced using an Azure Policy.

Service Scope Suggested Pattern Example
Subscriptions Global [System][Environment]##[Location]-sub WSCD01scu-sub
Resource Groups Global [System]-[Role]-[Environment]##-[Location]-rg CTX-Apps-P01-CUS-rg
Virtual Network Resource Group [System][Environment]##[Location]-vnet CTXP01cus-vnet
Subnet Parent VNET [Descriptive Context] DMZ - Infrastructure -
Storage Account Resource Group [System][Role][Environment]##[Location] Note: Must be lower case alphanumeric ctxinfd01scu
Container Storage Account [Descriptive Context] vhds
Virtual Machine Resource Group [System][Role][Environment]##[Location] Note: Must be 15 characters or less. CTXSTFD01scu
Network Interface Resource Group [vmname]-nic# CTXSTFD01scu-nic1
Public IPs Resource Group [vmname]-pip CTXSTFD01scu-pip
Virtual Network Gateway Virtual Network [System][Environment]##[Location]-vng WSCD01scu-vng
Local Network Gateway Resource Group [System][Environment]##[Location]-lng WSCD01scu-lng
Availability Sets Resource Group [System][Role]-as CTXSTF-as
Load Balancer Resource Group [System][Role]-lb CTXNSG-lb
Workspaces Subscription [System][Environment]-analytics CTXP-analytics
Tags Resource [Descriptive Context] Finance
Key Vault Subscription [System][Environment]-vault CTXP-vault


There is a limit of 15 tags per Resource. Citrix MCS creates 2 tags per VM therefore a customer is limited to 13 tags for MCS machines. MCS non-persistent machines are deleted during reboot. This removes Azure VM-specific characteristics such as tags, boot diagnostics If tags are required, it is recommended to create an Azure Append policy and apply it to the applicable MCS Resource Groups.

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Hope this helps.

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