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[UWP] Getting Unknown DisplayCatalogError from Query for Product


We have been using UWP collections query API (which is explained in this document:, and recently, we're intermittently getting unknown errors from it.

I think the error response is not originating from our end, these are the reason.
- we are using the same code & configuration on calling the API for over a year but started to receive this kind of error message only since about two weeks ago.
- I've made a test script that repeatedly calls the API with the interval of 0.5 seconds, with the same request bodies and Azure AD token. It mostly returned a normal response, but occasionally (about 1 out of 20 requests) returned an error.

And here is the full (inner) error message (body.innererror)

"code": "EntitlementsError",
"data": [
"An unknown error has occurred when calling DisplayCatalog.",
"An unknown error occured."
"details": [],
"message": "Collections received an error from entitlements.",
"source": "CollectionsFD"

I've tried to find any information about this kind of error, but that didn't work.
Could you help us to find the cause of this issue?



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As you mentioned that the code works before over a year, have you changed your code recently? Is the still the same code that used to run correctly?

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What I've meant was, we have not changed any of our code and configuration in over a year. So it's the same code we're using now and then.

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You mentioned that you've created a script to call this request and it works, so only in your app that you are getting the unknown error, right?

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