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Online Archive not working on deleted items


I've activated my Online Archive on my Exchange Online Account.
On my main Root Folder in Outlook, I added a 1 year move to archive policy.
After, I run the process manually with powershell. All items in inbox and sent folder, have been moved to the Online Archive.
But no items in my deleted folder have been moved there.
I also applied a 31days retention policy, but nothing happende, also not after some days.

Is there a way to check why this is not working on deleted items?


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Hi @Righter-0072

Is there any update? Do suggestions below help and do you have any other concern?

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Deleted items have it's own retention processing, because of few factors. First, and most important, few years back Microsoft decided to push a change that "ignores" the default tag or folder-specific Deleted Items tags, as apparently they needed to please people switching from Gmail. Anyway, if you want items in the Deleted items folder to be processed, you need to create a new policy with an appropriate tag assigned, or rename the default one. Details are here:
If the items remain in the Deleted items folder in your main mailbox, that's the most probable cause. For completeness, let's also mention the other factor. The usual "path" items in the Deleted items follow is: Deleted items folder > item expires or is soft-deleted > Deletions folder > item expires or is hard-deleted > Purges. If you have an Online archive enabled, the default policy then moves items from the Purges folder to the corresponding folder in the Online Archive, where they remain for the duration of the "single item recovery" period. Just recently Microsoft "shortened" the amount of time over which this process happens:

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Hi @michev

Ok as I understood correct.
I have deployed a new Policy instead of using the default.
I added also a new tag to identify my outlook is using the new one.

The new policy is, with the new 3 month to archive

And I've added this policy to my mailbox yesterday evening:

But this morning, my Outlook (after restart also) Still doesn't show the new policy with the three months. So I think it still has the old policy in outlook.

Do I have to wait longer until the policy is pushed to Outlook (Same in OWA)

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That's a "personal" tag, it won't be applied automatically, you have to stamp it on the folder or individual items as needed. Also, as it is a personal tag, you might need to "select" it first from OWA settings ( > Add new policy). Make sure it's selected therein, then it will appear in Outlook too and you can stamp it on the folder.

Another thing to mention is that if you want to stamp it on the folder, you should do so from the folder proprties dialog, otherwise you might just stamp the selected item instead. But that's easy to remedy.

The remarks above were around the "Deleted items" folder-specific retention tag as part of the default policy, if you create a new policy and add the same tag to it, it should work. Although if you want the action to be "move to archive", a folder-specific tag wont work anyway, so you did the right thing with creating a personal tag. Just make sure it's selected/stamped on the folder.

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Thanks a lot for your explanation. That one with the new 3-month policy is now working, to use it in outlook.
Now I'll check again if its working now also with deleted items.

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It still does not work on the deleted folder.
I have applied the 3 month move to archive on my root folder of the mailbox and run the MFA process. -> no success on deleted but works on sent items
After that I changed the policy to 1 year archive especially on the deleted folders and run the MFA process -> still all objects are in the deleted folder.

I've checked ELCLastSuccessTimestamp and it was run successfully after each change.

Any idea what still wrong?

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Give it some time, processing is not immediate. If the new tag is available and stamped on the folder, it's just a matter of waiting a bit.

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And how long should I wait?

2 Days later, deleted items are still not processed?

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Could it maybe be from our migration?
We have migrated 2 weeks ago to exchange online, and have imported all our objects with a PST Import Tool from Exchange Online

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