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Can you turn a Storage Spaces pool "offline" in order to hot-remove the associated drives safely?

Can I turn a Storage Pool "offline", causing any Volume associated with the Storage Pool to dismount and be inaccessible? I ultimately want be able to remove the physical drives that are part of a Storage Pool while the system is still powered on. Then hot-insert the drives into another system and be able to use the Storage Pool there. Is this possible in any way?

I found this forum on "dismounting" Storage Spaces, but it's from 2015 and I also wanted to clarify on the answer about turning virtual disks offline in Disk Management:

Like mentioned in this forum, I can turn the virtual disks that are created from a Storage Pool offline in Disk Management. But if I proceed to hot-remove drives I get warnings/errors from storage Spaces. So is this a safe method or not?

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